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Some nice words

A’ Some nice words (12)

1.for  committing  suicide.

Committing suicide  is  a big  sin  and  its  different  from  all types  of  murdering . The one who   commits   suicide    has    the  a ability,  if  he feels like, some   times he regrets.  But  the  murderer , doesn’t  leave space  for  him self  to regret.  The  one  who has killed or murdered  some one, in thinking  but  in many cases  practically, the murdered  has the  powers or  ability to defend  him self  by actions on  words. But the suicide  because he him self  is the  killer  of him self,  he  is  not  like  the  murdered one.  Now  if we  come  to  as  to why  some  one commit  suicide, the fact  is that  there  are  many reasons   and  different  conditions/circumstances. Some one  can  commit  suicide  from  disappointment  in  love, others from  financial  disorders, others from psychological illness, others not to force  him self to reveal  the secrets  of  his  country or  nation, others  may chose  death  so that   without  caring of  what  God  will say or do  after  the  death  of  different  way  above. For  others  which  are  not  mentioned,  only  that  one  knows.The fact  is  that,  God as the judge , will  not judge  any one  wrongly  and  whatever  he will do will be  the truth . The person  is  not  allowed  to put  an  end for  his life, because it  belongs  to God but not him  self. Suicide  is a  result  of   over thinking / neglecting  of some one  or  not believing  in God, Yet  the holy spirit  doesn’t  neglect  any  one . But comfort, request


No, as   its   to be seen forward, the   suffering   of the sins   and    generally   the sin   is what   we call bad   morals. But  the bad one is  under –measure, yet  Satan  is above  all  the  bad things , that is  to say  there  is   attempting  soul.  But  when  we  say  its suffering , for example,  Vanity is one Demon , in this  case, the ill-natured  may  say    that  there is no Satan . But   its impersonation of   the sin, but   in   impersonation   of   the specific   suffering   of   the   ill-natured To  leave  that  danger therefore, its  better  to say  that the  suffering  of   sin   is  birth  of Satan  but not Satan  him  self.  The   suffering   is   found   in   the   Heart   of   a person.  I f  we  say  that   that  one is  Satan,  So  one  will say  that  every  one  has Satan  inside  him.  And  if one is  having  a little  suffering, then  the  other  will say  that  he has  Satan  in  him . Therefore Satan   and suffering are not combined at all.  Now   the    burial   of   the word, if some one   does   this   combination,   don’t   worry.  That   one   knows    what   he   is saying.


The rebirth  of   a Christian  doesn’t  happen  with  one  service  or  with  one  action  of  the  exact  time, therefore   from there   on words  to be  named  a born  a gain, as  it  is with  the Baptism  where  the person  is  called  the baptized.
Rebirth is  the  change  of  a Christian  from the  fresh to  the  spiritual people, Basing  to  the words  of  Apostle  Paul << But  I  brothers, could  not  address  you  as  spiritual people, but  as  of  the  fresh , as  infants  in  Christ.>>(Corinthians 3:1-2).
Rebirth  is  a situation  of  which  a Christian  come  from , if   he doesn’t  prevent  the  holy  spirit  to  work  in  him  and  to  change  him, again. And   I  agree  with  the words  of   Apostle  Paul<< And  never  separate  forever.>>.  

4. Is it possible for someone who falls as he is walking, to say, let me stay down after all i can fall again?  Of course no. Therefore in the same way, anyone who falls in sins, shouldn’t say, i won’t go to the spiritual father for my sins, after all i can fall again.

5. The devil has nothing good to offer to man, so he diverts him to worship the beautiful creatures of God, and not God himself.

6. Many people have confessed their sins even in public where they can't even get the due forgiveness. Others don't confess to a spiritual father who has the authority from Christ himself to announce forgiveness. What a pity!! Could they know what injustice they do to themselves, in what a big danger they leave themselves, and what relief they deprive their conscious.

7. The most dangerous lie by which the devil deceives the careless is to make them believe that he doesn’t exist. Therefore, they take his evil signs to be their own wisdom.

8. Whoever leans only on his own abilities and not on God is like one who leans with his hands on a rotten walking stick.


No, because  the  soul   doesn’t  die  believing  with  the teaching  the holy  Bible, of   the  holy  traditions  but with  other  religious  and  philosophical  theories. The lord declared with concern, ‘Don’t  fear  those who  kill the  body  but cannot  kill the  soul.(Math. 10,28).The   soul  therefore, leave  after  the  death  of   the  body.
Other wise,  there  also  words  brought  during  the resurrection  of  the daughter   of   Jaures , <>  at  once,  and they  gave  her  the  food.(Luke. 8,55) Because  the daughter  had  died, but  even  they say   that  her  soul  came  back.  It means  that  the soul  didn’t die  because  if  the soul  had disappeared,   they  wouldn’t   say  that     it  came back.  But the soul stays alive even after death.

10.  What is Spiritual Death?

Spiritual  death   is  disappearance/ absence  of  the soul  from  the  community , society  of  the  person , with  the Spirit  of  God.  Even  that   can  happen  before  the death  of  the body  occurs, as  it  seen  in  areas  of  the holy  Bible, from  some  which  are  represented  as  follows: A.  The  people  who  live  in darkness, have seen  a great  light, and  shadow  of  death  on them  a light  has  been  shown.(Math 4,16)  B.I  was  once  alive  apart  from  the  law ,but  when  the  commandment  came,  sin  came  alive  and  I  died.  The  very  commandment   that  promised  life  proved  to   be  death  to  me.(Romans, 7,9-10).
But  after  the  death  of   the body, the  spirit   continues  but  if  before  the   bodily  didn’t  have  the cause  of  the death,  which    is   the   sin, because  the   wage  of  sin  is  death.(Romans.6,23). Exactly,  its   possible  for  the person  to dismiss  the  spiritual   death  before  the bodily  death,  basing   on  the   lord’s  words  “ Every  one  who  lives  and   believes  in  me   shall  never  die.(John, 11,26). On   the other hand, this should be the   aim/ target every believer, or conquest   of the century.

As   Christ   is  the  winner  of  sin  and  death, the spiritual  death   loose  the  power  for all  of  those  who  accepts   the salvation  redeemer/rescuer , and  opens for  them  widely  in the  eternal   life. Truly, truly, I say  to  you  whoever  hears  my  word  and  believes  him  who  sent  me  has  eternal life. He  doesn’t  come  into  judgment , but  has  passed  from  death  to  life.( JOHN, 5,24)  Therefore,  the problem  of   death is  solved  to  whoever  needs  be  helped or taken   by  the truth  of   revelation , and doesn’t  stay  in  the land  of  salvation  brought   by  Christ  with  rescuing  work. In  that  sense,  death loose  its  amazing  face , and  the eternal  life  becomes  reality, because  the  last  enemy  to  be  destroyed  is  death(Corinthians. 15,26).


Not  exactly  because, if  it  remains positive action  is the best from  the negative, but  Theology  in most  cases holds  Godly  actions .Apostle  Paul write concerning,<>(Philippians.2,13). But why  therefore  some  thing  which  is positive, is  not  called Godly, after  all  is coming  from  God? In  other  words,<>(James. 1,17).