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                                                                                             Return to God

The fact that the prodigal son  returned to his father is an example for all the people who feel bad for their sins. If they want to be saved, they must feel their situation , repent and return to Christ. God waits the return of all of us and doesn’t reject anyone. As many times as we fall, that many times we need to stand up. Christ didn’t come for those who were sinless but for the sinners to repent. .Come close to me if you feel tired by sin and I will give you rest, we can hear the voice of God even nowadays. Through repentance the human makes peace with his conscience, his social environment, and above all with God. It’s God’s gift to the people,  a very important event  in their life, and a total change of  mind and  heart, guiding the human existence from darkness to light, from death to life, from the devil to Christ. The confession is a relief of the soul, and the remission of sins cleans the conscience from evil actions. After repentance, then it is as if we have never sinned. Of course, it would be better if we had never really sinned, but if that’s the case, then what should  be done? May we never sin again. But in case it happens again , which is very possible, unfortunately, the confession is a recurring Mystery and , ultimately, sin will be defeated.


Revenge as a solution, although it gives satisfaction, actually it is not a natural solution. Apparently, it gives the impression of victory, but in reality it’ s a defeat. The right attitude is, not to be defeated from evil, but to forgive, just as God forgives us. The judgement belongs only to God. The man must benefit his enemies and pray for them, according to the words of Bible. Forgiveness is a sign of bravery and heroism. In Christianity, we have spiritual fighters, whose heroism was not limited to   suffering, but also to the fact that, they forgave their enemies and their persecutors. So, they became citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Their example teaches  modern Christians too, how to be good and forgive their fellow men, no matter how much they hurt and offend them.

Contrary to the material and perishable treasures, there are also imperishable spiritual treasures that thieves can’t steal and grab by force. The ultimate treasure is the Kingdom of God. Whoever wins it, may be really happy for ever and eternally blessed. If a man gains the whole world but loses the Kingdom of God, he has nothing achieved. On the contrary, he, who lost it all and suffered, but wins the Kingdom of God, he’ s benefited to the highest degree. Therefore, all those who have this goal, they have fought the good fight of faith and love. 


Someone wanted to learn, what is not orthodox. Obviously, this question refers to Orthodox theology and  Orthodoxy in general. Since what is orthodox is not only one thing, to give an answer, first , we must mention what’s orthodox and then what’s not orthodox according to the subject. For example, it is orthodox to have icons in the Temples. If someone says, that there should not be any, this is not orthodox. The fact that Christ is not only God, but a man too is orthodox. If someone says that He is only God and didn’t become a man too, this is not orthodox. Therefore, since it is not possible to mention all religious issues, in general, we can say that what goes contrary to Christ’ s Truth it’ s not orthodox,. Even if the person who says it calls himself  an orthodox Christian. In a few words, the unorthodox is not orthodox, just as darkness is not light and lie is not truth. 


Humility of man  in front of God is the voluntary  unloading of his heart of every idea and bad thought for himself, that maybe he’ s more important than what  God says he is. These ideas and bad thoughts are evil, while the word of God says what  exactly is the man. The external  humiliation, to be  genuine, must be the result of the internal humiliation . If this doesn’t’ happen, it’ s going to be a false humility. If there is  internal humility, the external is not absolutely obligatory, except, if it’s for the benefit  of  others, to give the good example and avoid scandals.


When God cures somebody from a deadly disease , this is a instant miracle. The fact that for so many years, God was keeping him healthy, was a perpetual miracle. But because the duration leads to habit, and the instant to admiration, the cure of the disease is considered a biggest miracle, compared to the maintenance of long-term health. Therefore, the resurrection of Lazarus, is a miracle, but all the years that he was alive before he died, and after  his resurrection is also a miracle. 

A Christian who is interested for the inferior, while his destiny is the superior, reminds us that coal man who, while they were taking him to be a  king, he, on the way, each time he saw  big trees, he said: they are very good for coals.