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Some nice words

Some nice words

                                                                              11. Some nice words (3)


                                                                               LIGHT AND DARKNESS

Man is created to walk in the light of day and not in the dark of the night. But apart of the natural light and darkness there is a spiritual light and darkness, which exert influence on the inner world of man. So, as we have the physical reality and the invisible spiritual reality in which he lives and moves; the whole of humanity. And as the source of natural light is the sun, the source of moral light is the Sun of justice, Christ, Who illuminates everything man coming into the world. Before Christ mankind was in moral darkness of ignorance and error, because he had lost the path of truth and spiritual orientation, and he doesn't know where it is heading. The ruler of darkness had the power of the people and the kingdoms of the earth and the lead as he wanted. But when came the fullness of time appeared in the people the true light of knowledge in the person of Jesus Christ, Who descended from heaven for the salvation of men. He came to dissolve the works of the devil, to enlighten the people, and take them from darkness to light. The first phase of the race was given in the wilderness with the three temptations presented by the devil to Christ with the result that the evil one be defeated in state, having not managed to cheat the god-man. Then the Lord sent His disciples to the ends of the earth, after having them lit up with the fiery tongues of the Holy Spirit. Their mission was to open the eyes of the soul of the peoples, and to return from darkness to light and from the power of satan to the love of God. The Apostles with their partners as well as the successors to the missionaries, true to their mission, preached the Gospel to the ends of the world and taught people to walk as children of light. In this way, the Church of Christ has spread and is intended to include all the peoples of the earth, which is why it is called Universal. 


                                                                             The Sinful Passions and the Demons

The sinful passions and  sin in general aren’t demons but we can call it  moral evil. Evil doesn’t exist as an entity but the devil is an evil spirit. If we say that a passion is a demon, then someone could  also say that devil doesn’t exist but is the personalization of evil. In order to avoid this misunderstanding, we should say  that a sinful passion is born by devil and it is not the devil himself. The passion is hidden inside the heart of man. If we tell that it is a devil, then someone might think that we all have a devil inside our heart. And if someone has a little passion, then the someone could  say that he has a little devil in him. So the passions are not identical to  demons. Now during a conversation, if someone  makes this mistake, we absolutely understand what he is talking about.


                                                                                                  Return to God

The fact that the prodigal son  returned to his father is an example for all the people who feel bad for their sins. If they want to be saved, they must feel their situation , repent and return to Christ. God waits the return of all of us and doesn’t reject anyone. As many times as we fall, that many times we need to stand up. Christ didn’t come for those who were sinless but for the sinners to repent. .Come close to me if you feel tired by sin and I will give you rest, we can hear the voice of God even nowadays. Through repentance the human makes peace with his conscience, his social environment, and above all with God. It’s God’s gift to the people,  a very important event  in their life, and a total change of  mind and  heart, guiding the human existence from darkness to light, from death to life, from the devil to Christ. The confession is a relief of the soul, and the remission of sins cleans the conscience from evil actions. After repentance, then it is as if we have never sinned. Of course, it would be better if we had never really sinned, but if that’s the case, then what should  be done? May we never sin again. But in case it happens again , which is very possible, unfortunately, the confession is a recurring Mystery and , ultimately, sin will be defeated.