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Some nice words

Some nice words (3)


                                                                             THE KINGDOM OF GOD

Contrary to the material and perishable treasures, there are also imperishable spiritual treasures that thieves can’t steal and grab by force. The ultimate treasure is the Kingdom of God. Whoever wins it, may be really happy for ever and eternally blessed. If a man gains the whole world but loses the Kingdom of God, he has nothing achieved. On the contrary, he, who lost it all and suffered, if he wins the Kingdom of God, he’ s ben- efited to a higher degree. Therefore, all those who have this goal, they have fought the good fight of faith and love. 


                                                                                  WHAT IS HUMILITY

Humility of man in front of God is the voluntary un- loading of his heart of every idea and bad thought for himself, that maybe he’ s more important than what  God says he is. These ideas and bad thoughts are evil, while the word of God says what exactly is the man. The external humiliation, to be genuine, must be the result of the internal humiliation . If this doesn’t’ hap- pen, it’ s going to be a false humility. If there is inter- nal humility, the external is not absolutely obligatory, except, if it’s for the benefit of others, to give the good example and avoid scandals.


                                                                                      THE MIRACLE

When God cures somebody from a deadly disease, this is a instant miracle. The fact that for so many years, God was keeping him healthy, was a perpetual miracle. But because the duration leads to habit, and the instant to admiration, the cure of the disease is considered a biggest miracle, compared to the maintenance of long- term health. Therefore, the resurrection of Lazarus, is a miracle, but all the years that he was alive before he died, and after  his resurrection is also a miracle.